November 2016 - pågående
Sigma Connectivity Engineering, Lund. Embedded software development on a multitude of platforms, for example Intel Curie, Nordic nRF52. Has also worked a year for Facebook at Building 8.

Maj 2016 - Oktober 2016
Combitech AB, Göteborg & Malmö. Contracted to set up a build and test environemtn for Android, containing Jenkins, Docker, Tiller, Froglogic Squish etc.

November 2015 - March 2016
Hasselblad Group, Göteborg. Primarily development and debugging in ARM environment and FreeRTOS, mainly with focus on serial buses but also stress test and development of test framework based on Jenkins and Robot Framework.

December 2014 - September 2015
Sony Mobile Communications, Lund. Part of System Analysis (formerly known as "Men in Black"). Investigation and root cause analysis of problems in the Android platform, including hardware, firmware, kernel, framework, VM and the actual apps.

Mars 2013 - Present
Software development for the electric motor drives in diesel-electric locomotives. Each system contains four controllers that powers one motor each, delivering up to 700 Volt/1600 Ampere per unit. The system is controlled through CAN-bus and configured by a web interface.

September 2008 - Present
Software development for motor controllers aimed for electric vehicles for EVnetics stationed in Florida. The controller has a minimal web server built in for configuration. No new functionality is added to this project any longer.

April 2012 - Februari 2013
Hired as a consultant at Husqvarna Group, Department of Autotune, where I replaced two developers who left for paternity leave at the same time. The assignment was primary correcting software bugs that were discovered, but I also found the time to do a few minor general improvements to the code and also a pre-study for the task of replacing the MCU in the product.

April 2010 - 2013
Software development for Vercingetorix LLC which built customized hardware for customers.

May 2007 - January 2012
Motorola. Our team developed the initial boot strap for IPTV set-top boxes. Which included designing the overall design of how hard- and software should interact with new products.

November 2005 - May 2007
Innovativ Vision AB. Installer of and service technician for WoodEye. My combined experience of computers, hardware and mechanics was very useful at customer sites.

July 2003 - August 2005
AB TakeIT. Project manager, programmer, sysadmin etc and one of the stock holders. Was responsible for the development process of our own Linux distribution which included support for both servers and diskless network clients.

September 2002 - December 2002
NSC, University of Linköping, as project employment to build special purpose hardware.

September 1999 - August 2002
Cendio Systems AB, mainly kernel programming in C for Linux and setting up embedded systems according to customer specifications but also application programming in C, C++ and Python.

June 1997 - September 1999
Gladius e-commerce AB. Primary tasks were as a C programmer and technical project manager for our own e-commerce system, but I also served as webmaster, postmaster, sysadmin for VMS- and Linux, web developer etc.

February 1996 - June 1996
LB-data in Linköping. Sales support and service technician of Alpha- and Intel-PC with Windows NT or DigitalUNIX.

May 1990 - January 1995
University of Linköping. Service technician; Repairs and service of audio- video- and computer equipment (Windows and Macintosh).

June 1988 - May 1990
Östgötadata. Main frame operator for UNISYS 1100- and 2200-datorer, Ericsson 2500 and other mini computers.